Company history

Company history:


In the fifties and sixties,the rudiment of the plywood processing industries in Taiwan, our company owner and his brother Mr. Li Chin Chuan brought their pioneering fund came to Kaohsiung.

At Chung Hua Road they founded “FongDa” Fancy Plywood Processing Industry.  Attributed to the brothers’ cooperation, the company rapid expanded their business,they established another factory beside Neiweipi .
Sticking to the Chinese tradition “When tree grows, branches grow.”, in 1984 March 7th, our founder Mr. Li Tian Tsi founded another factory called”Lida Industry Co.,Ltd.” Processing Industry near the High Court. Because of having a good rational concept of management, and follow his spirit of “professional” and a attitude of “harmonic”, he made ”Lida Indurstry Co.,Ltd.” became one of the most biggest supplier of building materials in Kaohsiung.

In the 80s, during the prosperous time of the decoration, Lida’s machine push itself’s wooden veneer processing industry peak time.

Moving is to serve more and more customers.  So, in 1993 September 19, we formally moved to Jen-Wu current address and “Tien Jen “ Plywood Co.,Ltd.

to import logs from abroad.  From a fish-feeding worker to Lida’s promoter,

he used the phrase ”never give up” and “to be the number one” to make the success of “Tine Jen”. “Tine” is to inherit the founding spirit of our promoter, “ Jen”  is that the promoter taught Mr. Li Chin Hong to make kindness as his principle.  In the year of 1996, Mr. Li Chin Hong took the place of the manager, and followed the rational concept of the promoter. In addition to that, he wished himself to have a promoting, fast thinking and a wide international point of view; it made his corporation up to peak again.



After Mr. Li Chin Hong inherit the place of managing, he optimistically find the markets, and let Tine Jen’s customers all over the Taiwan-wide,and he believed” “promoting is harder, make it run is even harder”.  Mr. Li Chin Hong ran the company cautious and conscientious.  Besides,he expanded the company out to the world.  Seizing a bigger market in Fancy Plywood Processing Industry and serving the more customers and developing new products to satisfy the market needs.

Moreover,we created “sample book”, it makes the stripes of the wood and colors fully presents. It makes it easier in the market. In 2005, we  cooperated with European major company,imported"dying technology" wooden veneer series,using this new technology with traditional log,gives the log a new color,extends the time of the colored wood veneer,deepen the presence of wood grains. 

Many kinds of even colors satisfied house decorating designers to focus on different space to design a considerate designation. Tabu Company’s “dyed” wood veneers series uses the most advanced environmental protection coloring agent, no special smells will it spread, and no poisonous organic solvent will it evaporate, it surely provides environmental protection quality; and after the construction, it can resist water and the color is not easy to fade, 10 years can it be used made it the first choice for house decorating of the customers now.

“Refine industries” is the most important question in front of medium and small enterprises, we expect the positive competitive may bring up the development of the property.“Lida Industry Co.,Ltd.” will keep on to invent new products to meet the markets’ need.

In 2007, “Lida Industry Co.,Ltd ” and “Tine Jen” Processing Industries both pass the international certificate ISO9001.  Our efforts on the production procedures,storing managements and consumers service,we trust that we achieved the milestones.